This document contains the necessary information to integrate with the GoWit RMA platform.

Content type & payload

The data payload is in JSON format. The Content-Type for these endpoints is application/json, which should be passed as a header in your requests as follows:

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \


To authenticate with the Gowit RMA API, the API Key must be passed as a header with the name auth.

curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY'

All API requests must use SSL to protect your key.


Your API Key is the same as a username/password so be sure to treat it the same way!

Some endpoints, such as the Ad Serving API, do not require API Key authentication. For added security, Gowit has the option to require API Key authentication for the Ad Serving API.


In preparation for release to production, you should ensure all of the below items are complete.

Advertiser Sync (optional)Syncing your advertisers with the Gowit RMA system daily.Advertiser API
Product SyncSyncing your products with the Gowit RMA system daily.Product API
Ad ServingEnsure you are requesting ads from Gowit RMA every single page load.Ad Serving
Reporting ClicksEnsure you are reporting clicks to Gowit RMA correctly for each ad clicks by your customers including right clicks.Event API
Reporting OrdersEnsure you are reporting orders to Gowit RMA correctly for each order submitted. Ensure advertisements are attributing correctly.Event API