Manage Balance

Welcome Coupon

The welcome coupon is a balance that is gifted and defined in the accounts of the sellers when they first log into the platform.

Adding balance

1. Using the internal balance

Your money is deducted to create ad campaigns from the amount you have in your balance. As the sales increases, the balance adds up in the retailer platform and is credited to the sellers' account as progress payment at the end of the month. Sellers can request a deduction from their internal balance in order to transfer a certain amount of money for the advertising campaigns.


You don't need invoicing in this option for adding a balance.

2. Adding balance by invoicing

First, the seller informs the marketplace about how much balance is needed to run a campaign. Marketplace issues an invoice for the desired amount and seller makes the payment. Then, the balance is uploaded to the vendor panel and the marketplace chooses which advertiser to transfer the balance to.


3. Seller adding balance with credit card

Sellers enter their credit card information and load their own balance from the balance section in the interface. Once the balance is loaded in the system, GoWit takes the commission and sends the fee to the marketplace.


Contact your account administrator for this option.