Sponsored Products

Promote products to shoppers searching with related keywords or viewing similar products.

What are Sponsored Products?

Sponsored Products are keyword or product targeted ads that look almost identical to organic search results and link to the product detail page. Sponsored Products are well-known for being the main performance marketing channel and a key revenue driver. Starting to promote products via Sponsored Products is rather simple.

Take a look at the product listings below to see how Sponsored Products will be displayed.


The main advantage of Sponsored Products for a marketplace is that these ads strengthen relationships with its brands. By providing intelligent and contextual ad-serving, the marketplace enables advertisers to get greater ROIs from their platforms, making the marketplace a preferred option for them.

Marketplaces, advertisers, and customers all benefit from Sponsored Products. Marketplaces generate more revenue from ad placements and sales, advertisers receive high ROAS (return on ad spend), and customers easily find and purchase what they are looking for.