Ad Placements

Ad placements have a variety of benefits for marketplaces through customers’ searching, considering, and buying processes of a product.

Sponsored Products on Search Page

This ad type allows sponsored product listing as well as organic listing in keyword search results without affecting the user experience and gets many conversions. It also encourages high CTR.

Sponsored Products on Category Page

It is the type of advertisement that enables advertisers to target their products to the relevant categories by applying category targeting.

Sponsored Products on Product Detail Page

It allows advertisers to advertise their products on detail pages of similar products. In this way, similar product pages of competing brands or sellers can be targeted for advertising.

Sponsored Brands on Search Page

It is the type of advertisement where advertisers can list the best, new, and hot seller products of their brand or the products they want to promote to users looking for similar products or associated keywords.


The Search Results Page drives sales, as it takes customers to a list of products within the similar shopping experience and makes the product purchase easy.

Sponsored Brands on Category Page

Customers can view this ad type on specific category pages developed by advertisers who wish to raise brand recognition by grouping their high-performance products. A/B testing can be done by marketers utilizing several product categories, and the results can be used to measure the efficiency of their ads.

Sponsored Display Ads on Product Detail Pages

This is the ideal ad placement for competitive sales due to its placement on the Product Detail Page and closeness to the "Add to Cart" button.

Buy Box

Buy Box catches the consumer interest and closes most of the deals, Buy Box winners become the exclusive supplier of a specific product for a certain time period and this can provide significant cash flow. It not only helps sellers in increasing the sales volume but also enhances the ad performance.